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International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research (IJAMR)

VOL. 2 ISSUE - 10

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( i ). OCTOBER 2015 Vol 2 - Issue 10 - Journal Cover Page
( ii ). Contents
1. Social Interaction and Relationship in Crisis Intervention
Felicitas Datz and Henriette Loeffler – Stastka
2. Effect of sowing methods on disease of paddy
Mazher Farid Iqbal, Muzzammil Hussain, Masood Qadir Waqar and Muhammad Anjum Ali
3. Preparation and Study Some Properties for Liquid Crystalline Material
Abdulazeez Obeid Mousa, Karar Abdali O., Shireen R. Rasool, Muna Aoudah Zghair
4. Relationship between the personal characteristics and attitude of rice growers towards hybrid rice
Vasava H. M., Parmar V. S., Charel J. M. and Timbadia C. K.
5. Stress and Women – An Indian Perspective
Gopinathan.N and Raghavi.K
6. Machinery Unit Energy Requirement and Fuel Consumption Tractor in Operation Tillage
Ahmed Abd Ali Hamid AL-Mafrachi
7. Infrastructures and analysis of image processing technique used for enhancement image application process in electronics engineering
Er. Jyoti Dadwal and Er. Bhubneshwar Sharma
8. Different kinds of color models used in image processing for variation in pixel values for representation of signal
Er. Rupali nayyer and Er. Bhubneshwar Sharma
9. Design and analysis of various edge detection and object counting methods to obtain the most efficient technique for image processing for traffic applications
Er. Parul mahajan and Er. Bhubneshwar Sharma
10. An efficient method to detect Sybil attack using genetic optimization algorithm in Manet
Er. Ruhika Badhan and Er. Bhubneshwar Sharma
11. Various types of design technique and their importance for improving performance in digital enhancement application
Er. Jyoti Dadwal and Er. Bhubneshwar Sharma
12. Analysis of 5G Technology as current research in mobile wireless technology that concentrates on advance implementation of 4G Technology and 5G Technology as redefining wireless communication in upcoming years results in development of World Wide Wireless Web.
Er. Ravinder kumar and Er. Bhubneshwar Sharma
13. Analysis and synthesis of N-CNTS by a CVD method of pyrolyzing melamine under elevated temperatures OF 800–980 °C.
Er. Jyoti dadwal and Er. Bhubneshwar Sharma
14. Analysis of fiber bragg gratings for the elimination of realignment during the life of the system while FBG is spliced directly to the doped fiber
Er. Jyoti Dadwal and Er. Bhubneshwar Sharma
15. Study of action selection contend Neuro robotic system mechanism with much simpler persuasions such as self-preservation or perpetuation of the population of robots
Er. Jyoti Dadwal and Er. Bhubneshwar Sharma
16. Use of robotic system for creator's solution in completing the assigned task and dealing with the physics of the environment around it.
Er. Jyoti Dadwal and Er. Bhubneshwar Sharma
17. Philosophy of Cremation in Bali
Relin D.E.
18. The Impact of Various Industrial Competitors on the Risk Level of Viet Nam Manufacturing Material Industry During and After The Global Crisis 2007-2011
Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy
19. Alpha and Beta Diversity of Kingdom Animalia at the Gayeon River, Haman-gun, Korea
Man Kyu Huh
20. Psilocybe (Fr.) P. Kumm. from Punjab, India
Harwinder Kaur and Munruchi Kaur
21. Importance of needs analysis in ELT Curriculum
Dr.N. Ramani and T. Pushpanathan
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