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International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research (IJAMR)

December 2015 - ISSUE
VOL. 2 ISSUE - 12

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( i ). Journal Cover page – Volume 2 Issue 12- 2015
( ii ). Contents
1. Organoleptic and Nutritional evaluation of linseed flours blended traditional Snack products
Dr. Manju Jaiswal and Dr Renu Verma
2. The right of children in Islam
Nariman Karam Ravan
3. History and Modalities of Forensic Radiology: A Review
Dr. Kusum Singal
4. Analysis of donoho's approach for image restoration for improving the performance
Er. Nitish Chowdhary and Er. Bhubneshwar Sharma
5. Prospects and prediction of bluetooth sig oversees development for managing the qualification program and protection in trademarks
Er Jyoti Dadwal and Er. Bhubneshwar Sharma
6. Preliminary screening of enzymes from Marine fungi
S. Priya and T.Sivakumar
7. Association of eating habit with BMI and waist circumference in women, Ahvaz, Iran.
Leila Mirzaei, Durdana Hussein, Elham Abyavi, Parisa Askari, Pegah Jahantab, Mehrnoush Zakerzadeh
8. Comparison of some Haematological profiles in genotype AA, AS and AC persons amongst IMO state University students
Obeagu,Emmanuel Ifeanyi,Okoroiwu,I.L.,Daniel-Igwe,Gloria and Elemchukwu,Q.
9. Uric acid concentration in sickle cell disease patients in owerri metropolis
Obeagu,Emmanuel Ifeanyi, Okoroiwu,I.L., Daniel-Igwe,Gloria , Queen Braxton N. ,Ogwuegbu,Victoria Onyemakeya
10. Antioxidant Potentials of Marine Diatom Skeletonema costatum
Lenin.T, S. Pappa Jeba Sangeetha, N.Veerapandiyan and P.Sampathkumar
11. A study on Relationship between Right Brain Hemisphericity and Left Brain Hemisphericity.
S.Bhuvaneswari and Dr. T. Sarala
12. Effect of Cement Dust Pollution on Morphology and Photosynthetic Pigments of Some Legume Plants Grown in Ariyalur District, Tamil Nadu.
A. Arul and R. Nelson
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