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December 2014 Issue

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research (IJAMR)

DECEMBER 2014 - VOL. 1 ISSUE - 4

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1. A Review on intelligence secure routing protocol in the Mobile AD HOC Networking
Himadri Nath Saha, Kuhelica Hazra, Ishani Mondal, Monalisa Chakraborty and Sunrita Sarkar
2. Studies on the nutrient quality (NPK ratio) present in the vermicomposting of jackfruit leaf litter by earthworm Lampito mauritii
A. Revathi, G. Manimegala and K. Pugazhendy* and S. Prabakaran
3. A Study on faecal egg count of different helminth parasites of buffaloes, Gujarat, India.
Pandya, S.S., Hasnani, J.J., Patel, P.V., Jadav, S. J. and Choudhary, V.
4. Survey on Personalized Web Search With Privacy Protection
Arunpandi.V, Sundaramoorhty. S and Varatharaj
5. Study on Seroprevalence of various diseases in EMU in Gujarat
Mukesh K. Khyalia, Vijayata, Sunanda Pandey and K.S. Prajapati
6. Study on histopathological changes occurred in Fasciola spp. Infected liver in slaughtered buffaloes at Anand and Ahmedabad district, Gujarat, India
Pandya, S. S., Hasnani, J. J., Patel, P. V., Ghodasara, D. J. and Shukla Ravi
7. Effect of Bradyrhizobium Isolates for the maximization of growth and yield of black gram (Vigna mungo L.).
G. Usharani, M. Jayanthi, D. Kanchana and P. Saranraj
8. Feeding practices of dairy animals in periurban areas of Surat district (Gujarat)
S. J. Jadav, Durgga Rani V, D. V. Pansuriya, J. H. Chaudhary, V.D. Chauhan and S.S.Pandya
9. Forest Cover Change Detection Using Remote Sensing and GIS in BanjaDistrict, Amhara Region, Ethiopia
Abyot Yismaw , Birhanu Gedif, Solomon Addisu and Ferede Zewudu
10. SENTHAMIL AMMA!... (A New theory on “MUTHAMIL”)
M.Arulmani and V.R.Hema Latha
11. Bioethanol Production Using Marine Microbes
S. Jayalakshmi, Pingal kumari and S. Sankar
12. An Overview of higher education scenario in Tamil Nadu
K.Viji and Dr. K.Nithyanandam
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