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International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research (IJAMR)

VOL. 2 ISSUE - 4

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1. Chitosan Nanoparticles based Drug Delivery: an Update
Megha Agarwal1, DP Nagar, Nalini Srivastava and MK Agarwal
2. Ridge sowing technique: A new crop establishment technique for wheat in rice-wheat cropping system of northern Punjab
Muzzammil Hussain, Mirza Muhammad Qadeer Baig, Mazher Farid Iqbal, Masood Qadir Waqar, Adnan Bashir and Muhammad Anjum Ali
3. Barriers to Software Adoption: a study of building information modelling (BIM) technology in the Hong Kong construction industry
Canon Tong, Anthony Wong and Wendy Lee
4. Antimicrobial effect of Camellia sinensis on chicken meat.
Karandikar Pranali, Bhatte Sukhada and Ghayal Madhura.
5. The Technological Dimension of knowledge Management: which effect on the Competitiveness of the Tunisian Companies? Case of the Services Sector
Dr Faten Louati
6. Role of Emblica officinalis and Foeiniculum vulgare during pregnancy and lactation: A Review
Ragini Sharma ∙ Neelam Jain Deepika Rani ∙ Amrita jaitawat ∙ S. M. Kantwa
7. Meristem culture of Aloe vera Linn. and its acclimatization
Mariani, T.S. and Siregar, A.S.
8. Serum biochemistry of the Asian elephant
Boon Allwin, G. Senthil Kumar, Pa. Kalaignan, N.R. Senthil, S.Vairamuthu, Stalin Vedamanickam, U.S. Kalyaan, Dattatray Kisanrao Ingole
9. CAD-CAM: Emerging era in Dentistry
Gagandeep Kansal
10. A Successful Management of Chronic Rhinitis In A Sniffer Dog- A Case Study
S.HamsaYamini, S.Kavitha, A.P.Nambi, B.Nagarajan, G.R.Baranidharan and S.Subapriya
11. Estimation of blood gas parameters in Brachycephalic breeds
S.Hamsa Yamini, S.Kavitha, A.P.Nambi and D.Sumathi
12. Sensory characteristics and stability of soyamilk drink using selected fruit juice and microwave treatment
Ogoria.F, Joe Guluba .O , Alex Onyocha .O.U and Tanko Sabatu
13. A Clinical study of perinatal and Maternal complications in Eclampsia in a tertiary care Referral Centre – A Near Miss Obstetric catasthrope.
Dr.M.Vijayasree.M.D.,OBG., and Dr.G.V.Murali.,Mch.
14. Biochemical and Nutritional Evaluation of Some Pulses, Vegetables, Greens and Mushrooms
Vasudevan.R and Rajaram.N
15. The impact of attending Pre-school Education on later Academic Achievement of Students: Empirical Evidences from Dessie, Ethiopia
Amogne Asfaw Eshetu
16. Morphology of oropharyngeal cavity in guinea fowl (Numida meleagris)
S. Jayachitra, K. Balasundaram, K. Iniyah, S. Sivagnanam and S. Tamilselvan
17. Morphology of oropharyngeal cavity in guinea fowl (Numida meleagris)
S. Jayachitra, K. Balasundaram, K. Iniyah, S. Sivagnanam and S. Tamilselvan
18. Economic benefits species of the introduced of genus Malva L.
Sayyara J. İbadullayeva, Anara I. Nasirova
19. Molecular identification of Reticuloendotheliosis virus in turkey and poultry layer farms of Tamil Nadu, India
G.Sathish, M.Parthiban, Kurunchi.C.Divya, Stalin Vedamanickam
20. Incidence and Management of Renal and Hepatic form of Equine Leptospirosis – A Report
V. Naveen Kumar, Stalin Vedamanickam, Boon Allwin and N.R.Senthil
21. Vaccinating rural domestic dog populations which is a source of rabies for wild carnivores- A Bio fencing strategy
Boon Allwin, Sunita Dhariyam, N.R. Senthil, S.Balakrishnan, V. Naveen Kumar
22. Template synthesis of chloro and nitro substituted phenol based macro cyclic cu (ii) complexes
Dr.K. Mohan
23. Biological Diversity of Kingdom Animalia and Water Quality at the Uigokdong River, Jinhae city, Korea
Man Kyu Huh
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